My main goal in this painting was movement and light, I think the flow of traffic is a good subject for this particular idea since its constantly moving, the gas from the cars creates hazines around them and I always get the same question in my head when I observe this kind of a scene, ...where are we going?


Olha Pryymak said...

like your confident brushwork here

Manuela Valenti said...

That's a hard question to answer... are we going forward or backward?

The painting is really beautiful!

By the way I was trying to leave my comments with my open ID but I just noticed you don't accept comments with open ID. Always good to have blogspot blog.

Take care!

Kim said...

hi Peter
your blog is now listed in the Top Artists Directory..
please consider sending me an image and short bio when you have time :)
you will find a selection of codes for badges there too :)
enjoy your weekend :)
cheers Kim

Kim said...

oops sorry
I meant Daniel :) not Peter :)

Daniel Peci said...

Thanks Kim,
I've emailed you bio and pic also!

Daniel Peci said...

Hey Manuela,

I dont know where its goin either, at that particular moment the traffic was flowing west, but that could also mean thats actually not really goin anywhere, maybe just an illusion of movement.