Portrait Of A Young Man

"Portrait Of A Young Man" 6.5 x 4.5 Acrylic on Paper, SOLD

Life Preserved

"Life Preserved" 5 x 4 Oil On Canvas Panel,Click on the image to bid

Portrait Of A Boy

"Portrait Of A Boy" 5 x 4 Oil On Canvas Panel,- SOLD -

"An Awakening Among The Sleeping" by Daniel Peci

"An Awakening Among The Sleeping" 16x12 Oil On Canvas Panel,click on the image to Buy
Awake but dreaming? Seeing but not seeing? How deep is the sleep that we are in? When do you know that you started waking?

"The Persistant Claw Hammer" Daniel Peci

"The Persistant Claw Hammer" 20x16 Oil On Canvas Panel, Click on the image to Buy"

The Restless Formation

"The Restless Formation" 11x9 Acrylic on primed paper,- SOLD -
We are all together in this , but everyone is alone.

"Rochester Avenue" Large Oil Landscape

"Rochester Avenue" 18x14 Oil On canvas Panel,click on the image to purchase"
This one was done one street above where I live,i was walking down the street and noticed the contrast between the trees and the clear sky,so i had to pick up the brushes right away and get to work,i especially like the shadow of the tree with its ultramarine tonality,i just love that tone.

On Top Of A Mountain

"On Top Of A Mountain" 18 x 14 Oil On canvas Panel,click the image to purchase"
How long does it take to get there ,on the top? I like the view from here,seeing everything bellow,Its a sight that you dont really get to see every day,thats how I was provoked by this idea initially to turn it into a visual object.

Figurative Artwork

"The Wonderer" - SOLD -
I will be posting paintings every day and you can purchase them through my online store.

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