The Pompomist

There is an article about me on the The Pompomist, it's a Magazine about Arts, Design and Architecture, thank you Jamie for writing this wonderful article!


"Mushroom" 2.5" x 3.5" Oil on canvas
This mushroom was actualy picked up straight from the ground instead of being purchased at the local grocery store, there are still pieces of the soil on the bottom of the stem, no mushrooms were digested during the making of this painting, just the regular fumes from the oil:)


"Turbulence" 18" x 24" - 2007 Oil on Canvas
Since I'm not posting a daily painting today I decided to display this larger painting that I did a while ago, there's a certain tension in the composition that's between the figure and the space around it and it kinda gives a surreal quality to it, still the execution is very painterly and loose as I would want it to be, the pose is static but there's still movement that's conveyed throughout the painting in a diagonal direction.
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