The Curtain

"The Curtain" 12 x 9 Oil on gallery wrapped canvas , SOLD
Like a curtain over our eyes we are blind to the reality of things, usually we are not able to see the light behind the curtain of perception, once the curtain is removed we see things as they are in all their glory, light and fullness.

Close to Eden

"Close to Eden" 24 x 18 Oil on canvas ,SOLD
I did a pastel study on this painting recently so this is the actual painting, it surpasess the drawing though, like it should anyways, it has more evocative and timeless quality.

City in rise

"City in rise" 12 x 9 Oil on gallery wrapped canvas , SOLD
This is another one from my cityscape series, but this one has a lot more color then the previos, yes it was a sunny day also, that changes a lot, im just glad I was able to get all that light and color on my canvas.


"Glance" 12 x 9 Oil on Gallery wrapped canvas , SOLD
This a slightly larger size portrait then the usual postcard size ones that I do, I had lots of fun working on the skin tone, and all the variations that constitute the skin color, its just amazing the subtlety of the pallete that I have to use to get closer to the reality of the observed subject.

Down the alley

"Down the alley" 12 x 9 Oil on gallery wrapped canvas , SOLD
I had this idea of starting a new series of paintings, cityscapes mainly, since I'm surrounded by buildings this is my actual LandScape, alleyways are always more interesting to me for some reason then the main street since there's no traffic almost so it gives the exterior a more personal touch.

Point and Punch

"Point and Punch" 11 x 8 pastel on "Canson" Paper , SOLD
Another Pastel Drawing, it started as a hand study and ended up with a conceptual conotation which wasn't really my initial idea, what can you do ideas change and form in the process of creation also.This one has a low starting price too.