Amber's backside (standing nude)

Did some more work on this five by seven, when I started it I ran out of ivory black, so it never got dark enough which is essential for a tonal painting like this, it came to the full value range on the second pass.

5x7 inches oil on Ampersand panel, varnished

Bowl of apples and an orange

This as an older small still life that I just re-touched, what I usually do is add a layer of linseed oil all over the dried painting and bring life and color to an old painting, some parts stay untouched and some are completely re-painted.
5x7 inches oil on canvas panel

"Eye study" detail of a female portrait

This is a repost of a previously posted painting that hasn't been offered at an auction before.

4x6 oil on canvas paper

"Amber" female nude backside study

Another quick night nude of a female backside, this one will start at 50% less then my usual auctions for this particular subject and size.

5x7 inches oil on Ampersand panel, varnished

"Bodyscape" female nude torso 4x8 painting

Alla prima study from last night, listed on a 10 day auction starting at 0.01 as bidding incentive in otherwise a slow summer season.

8x4 inches oil on canvas, unstretched

"The Iceman" Chuck Liddell portrait painting

The auction for this painting starts tonight at 6:39 Pacific time, SOLD.
6x4 inches oil on canvas panel

"White rose" and "Strawberries"

Two quick still lives from the same day, both on primed paper.
"White rose, mango, red mug"
6x9 inches oil on gessoed paper

"Strawberry plate"
4x8 inches oil on gessoed paper

Blue bottle Gardenia 5x7 still life

 Lately I've been paying more attention to the selection of objects for a still life and especially their color and how they can compliment each other in the composition, I try to visualize it in my mind first before even setting it up, then I try to recreate that concept the best way I can.

5x7 inches oil on Ampersand panel

"Lace panties" female nude back study from life

Quick semi/implied nude painted from life in a less then 2hr session.
8x6 inches oil on paper


"Dreamcatcher" 6x6 still life painting

A woven web of dreams intersects our sub-consciousness, some of them leak into our waking consciousness and begin informing it, as they merge, the lines between the two become blurred.

6x6 inches oil on primed panel

The endless longing

For a place beyond the present one, for a level beyond this one - one's spirit aiming high and flying way above the trees to the endless sky.
4x6 inches oil on primed panel

"Private call" 4x6 male portrait painting

Remember the times - "ages ago" when we still used a landline to make a phone call?

4x6 inches oil on gessoed panel

Reclining female nude 5x7 painting

Painted from life in a single session under natural light.

5x7 inches oil on Ampersand panel

"Kerry" 12x16 portrait of a girl

12x16 oil on canvas

This portrait was started during a private instruction for a student and later finished in the studio, painted from life, model was Kerry.