"Eye study" small daily oil painting on paper

 Been busy lately working on corporate illustrations for an Ad campaign and just got back from a trip to Europe but slowly moving back into painting mode and looking to expand some ideas on the canvas. I usually 'test' them into a drawing first but sometimes its more exciting to go straight into paint.

4 x 6 inches oil on canvas paper

Seated male nude figure with a drapery

Here's another figure study for Sunday, an accent on color variations and little more impressionistic then the previous. It's gonna be available in a non auction format - for a direct purchase!

5x7 inches oil on canvas panel

Seated male nude figure study

Male figure in a contemplative pose, painting on paper reduces the drying time significantly and also looks like acrylic in the end, but that changes with the final layer of damar varnish when the original gloss of the oil comes back to life.

6x8 inches oil on primed canvas paper

Available drawings and paintings online

I've listed some older paintings and drawings for direct purchase online...

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a handful of them on a really low starting bid auction, they are dated differently and you can see variations in the style too,

 some of the paintings are more elaborate and took some time to finish, some are quickly resolved sketches,

"Temescal canyon" plein air California landscape

Plein air landscape of Temescal canyon, great Santa Monica location, full of light and color, you can feel the breeze at this point since its real close to the ocean.
5x7 inches oil on canvas panel
Also I've added some small paintings in my store that are available for purchase, very affordable pricing,

"Jon Snow" watercolor portrait painting

It's been years since I've done any watercolors, luckily I found this old stash of watercolor tubes that was collecting dust, as a result of that - here's a portrait of Snow from Game of Thrones.

5x7' watercolor on 140lb Arches paper