Asian female nude painting

Nude oil sketch painted from life in 2 or 3 sessions.

16x12' oil on primed paper

Tangerines, pumpkin & tea cup

Working on setting up more dynamic/interesting still life setups + plus exploring color possibilities along the way, last night's result will be up on seven day auction.

6x7' oil on primed canvas paper, mounted on board

"Nude" 5x7 female nude torso

Alla prima of a frontal female nude torso.

5x7' oil on Ampersand panel


12x12 Oil on Gallery wrapped canvas

New L.A. themed cityscape, for purchase inquiries please email me at
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White pumpkin 6x6 still life painting

As we can see in this picture, pumpkin season has officially started, this is the latest 'fruit' of the labor.

6 x 6 inches oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Far from nature

How much further from our own very selves and nature can we get away from? As technology advances and human usage of it increases are we just losing more fundamental parts of our self?

5 x 7 inches oil on primed Ampersand panel

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Portrait of a young man

New alla prima portrait.

5 x 7 inches oil on primed Ampersand panel

Japanese vase & orange 4x5 still life

 I recently acquired this Japanese vase and added it to my collection of still life props, in this instance I used it in a combination with orange and I think it went well color-wise.

4x5' oil on primed panel

"Eclipse" oil on aluminum cap

Painted under the influence of celestial bodies.

2.5 inches circumference oil on aluminium cap

"Peony" 4x6 still life oil painting

The auction for this painting will start tonight at 6 30 pacific time.

4x6' oil on primed panel

Solo exhibition in Santa Monica

This Friday I'll be showing some of my new works at Hale Arts in Santa Monica, CA, themed mostly on LA cityscapes and nightscapes, here's couple of the pieces that's gonna be included in the show, to see the whole set of works or for purchase inquiries please contact the Gallery at

"Alley nocturne" 6x6 oil on canvas

"Wilshire 6pm" 8x10 oil on canvas

Santa Monica palm

Painted en plein air in Santa Monica, at a point of the day when the light is strong and the sun's about to come down.

4x6' oil on primed panel

"Hannah" seated female nude

Painted from life in alla prima.
6x8' oil on primed paper

"Overcast Alley" cityscape oil painting

5x7' oil on primed paper
Email me at for purchase inquiries

"Innocence" 6x6 female nude oil painting

New 6x6 painting for the New 17, more ethereal and symbolic piece that's open to interpretation, not everything should be explained by the artist, some things should be left to the viewer to decide. Also, more palette knife work then usual for textural effect, especially in the background, This one is available for purchase through my online store here
6 x 6 inches oil on canvas