"Amber sunlit" Original female portrait oil painting a day

6" x 8" Oil on canvas on panel

I started this as a sketch some time ago but never really finished it, so I revised it since it needed more values, occasionally I do this when I spot a piece on my shelf that hasn't been completed.

"Falling asleep" 12x16 Female nude Oil on canvas

12"x16" Oil on canvas
This is a piece that I did recently, it was done in two sessions with the model Ashley, she did a great job holding this pose, even though it may look easy to hold a reclining pose like this, after a couple of hours it can be tiring for the model, also a slight movement of her shoulders or back would pretty much change the whole anatomical structure.
If you are interested in this painting please follow the link here

Here's a shot of both the model and the painting taken around the end of the second session.
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