"Afternoon" female figure en plein air landscape

Color and light of the day, changing each second, objects and subjects reflecting each other, energies spiraling up and down, movement of people bypassing without ever interacting.

6x6 inches oil on canvas


Male portrait 6x9 oil on paper

Second oil sketch from the same day, looks more like its been done with acrylics rather then oil because of the paper's quick absorbing properties, also the values look lighter then actual, the painting will get the proper finished look once a final layer of varnish is been applied.

6x9 inches oil on gessoed paper

"Girl with a dragon tattoo" female nude painting

Painted this one last night on a prepared paper, it responds differently then the canvas and the oil dries quicker, forces me to do more deliberate brushstrokes that gonna stay permanently on the surface, less thinking is more action.
6x3 inches oil on gessoed paper

"Antique cup with rose" 6x6 still life painting

Second still life from the same day, this one's gotta more rustic feel to it and similar chroma, painted under cool light - meaning cold light.
The 7 day auction for this small painting starts tonight at 6 40pm Pacific time.

6x6 oil on canvas

"Peeled orange" 6x6 still life daily painting

orange still life
Color, light/dark and textures, this is the latest still life, I'm starting a new series of these kind of paintings, I'll be using various objects that peek my interest, under different light conditions...
6x6 oil on canvas

..also here's a studio shot of the process involved in creating this small painting.

"Innocence" female nude figure 6x6 painting a day

pure innocence
The purity of youth, unspoiled personal universe, a cocoon that's still under the protection from outside forces.

6x6 oil on canvas

Nightdress nude female oil daily painting

night dress
Figure in the night, moving through the shapes and shadows, the slow rhythm of the night descends upon us. 7x5 oil on canvas panel

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Male portrait on red background alla prima

More color in this small piece, the profile lit by warm daylight.
5x7 oil on canvas panel

Portrait of a young man 5x7 oil painting

young man portrait
Fresh off the easel, brand new portrait painted on a panel, - no soft brushes used here.

5x7 oil on canvas panel

"405 N/10 W" Los Angeles freeway cityscape oil on canvas

405 n

The flow of traffic on the 405 at 6pm, or more like the congestion on the freeway, before the sun starts to come down, capturing the grittyness of the whole scene.

6×6 oil on canvas

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"In bed" female nude in an interior oil painting

nude in bed

Intimist piece, private space, female body illuminated in the night, slightly covering, no words, just images.

5×7 oil on canvas panel

Portrait of a young man - sidelit oil painting

sidelit male portrait

Here’s a new portrait sketch that’s fresh off the easel, kept it loose with the brushwork and it also came out as a nice color study, the painting is brighter and has even more color when seen in person.

6×8′ oil on canvas paper

"Granny Smith apple" 6x6 oil on canvas


There’s a quiet synergy at work between the greens of the apple and dark grey/black background resulting in a calm meditative effect, especially with the painted subject being ‘self reflective’.

6×6 oil on gallery wrapped canvas