Floral Composition with a Leaf

"Floral Composition with a Leaf" 6" x 6" Oil on Canvas, Click on the Image to Purchase


"Balcony" 7" x 5" Oil on Canvas Panel, Click on the Image to BID
Auction starts @ 9.00 pm.

Alleyscape #6

"Alleyscape #6" 9" x 12" Oil on Canvas , SOLD

This is the sixth alleyscape that I did from the series, I was exloring the dynamics of subtle gradations and perspective in this one, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome since I think I reached that "Live" feeling that I was after, very close to the original location that I was observing.

Interior Contraposto

"Interior Contraposto" 8" x 11" Pastel on "Canson" Paper, $75.00 Click on the image to BUY


"Within" 8" x 11" Pastel on "Canson" Paper, $100 Email me to buy