"Peach in purple" floral still life

6 x 6 inch Oil on canvas

Before I actually compose the still life I like to visualize it, in this case it was mostly color combinations, I like to have an idea what its gonna look like prior to the actual object arrangement, the only thing that wouldn't agree to that was the actual peach, it would just not sit still, you'd think it should just stay flat on the table but no..., its like a sitter that likes to move a lot, I fixated it between the foldings and it seemed to work!

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"Red cover" 6x8 Female nude and article in Professional Artist magazine

6 x 8 inch Oil on canvas panel

Here's a new nude from last night, it has a nice color play throughout the painting, when figuring out the composition I try to focus on the things that 'matter' and leave the other objects within the interior of secondary importance.

Also there's an article mention about my work and selling art online in the new July/August issue of Professional Artist Magazine.

"Brass cup with a rose"

6 x 6 inch Oil on canvas

Haven't really painted a still life in a while so I decided to do one yesterday, I had this small antique cup that I used for the setup and I put the flower over it for a more organic effect, I don't really like when the still life is too 'properly' arranged.

New Gallery Representation

I'm now represented by Ellis Nicholson Gallery in Charleston, SC, here's a few larger paintings that are now available through the Gallery, also I'm preparing new paintings for a solo show at the Gallery in October this year, so plenty of new work coming up...

"Falling Asleep" 12x16 inches, oil on canvas, Framed.

"Katelyn" 9x12 inches, oil on canvas, Framed.

"Pillows" 11x14 inches, oil on canvas, Framed.

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