"Nonchalant" 6x6 inches Female portrait girl oil on canvas

If you were following my postings on my other blog A drawing a day, you'll notice that I did a preliminary drawing for this painting, now that doesn't mean that I follow the outlines of the drawing to create the painting, its just to give me a better idea how to visualize the painting before I start, the whole process then unfolds spontaneously and it can go in any direction.
6 x 6 inches Oil on Canvas


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"Fontaine de jeunesse" Female nude in a dress painting realism

A more archaic reference for this painting, using an old myth embodied in a female form, the power of myths is that they work at any point of history and even today, always open to interpretation, the image would be a visual stimulus to seek a personal meaning within or outside the context of the artwork.

6 x 8 inches Oil on Canvas

"Zen #3" Japanese model female nude in daylight oil painting

6 x 8 inches Oil on Canvas panel
Fresh off the easel, this is a new intimist piece that I just painted, the warm daylight coming from the left travelling across all the shapes in the room, the subtle nuances of light always intrigue me.

"Fleeting light" 9x12 Female nude plein air landscape Framed

9 x 12 inches Oil on canvas
This piece comes framed in a deep dark frame, for price inquiries email me at danipeci@yahoo.com