"Android" HTC - Smartphone still life painting realism

5 x 7 inches Oil on Canvas panel

Are we more connected today or disconnected?Does the device connect us only on a superficial level? Where's the line between the natural and the artificial? Did our brains go into stand by mode by being substituted by the android brain?...Are we more connected to the machine then to each other?
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"Blank paper note #3" Contemporary still life art

6 x 6 inches Oil on Gallery wrapped canvas

So it's been a while since I did any still lives, I enjoy going back to a certain subject with a new take on it, its never the same, I had to deal with subtle variations in value here and explore the nuances of light falling over the subject, constant comparison is the key in getting things right in the painting process.

"Enchanted" reclining female nude painting sold

6 x 8 inches Oil on Gallery wrapped canvas

I tried taking a decent photo of this painting today but the weather wasn't cooperating, it was gloomy and rainy kinda so didn't get the proper daylight for a good shot, I'll try to take another one tomorrow if the conditions are right so you can get a truer representation of the original...
*Image has been updated with a better shot*

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"July" Impressionist Female figure landscape oil painting

6 x 8 inches Oil on primed panel

In this particular scene I used the figure as an integrated part of the landscape, shapes merging in and out, colors reflecting each other, the warm light of July enveloping all forms, shadows quickly shifting their shape as the sun moves on.