New etsy shop for small figurative & nude oil paintings

I thought it might be a good idea to try Etsy as an outlet for my smaller works as its already been established as a global marketplace (who would’ve thought that a website named “Etsy” would get so big), their site’s bit slow to response but their back end analytics look pretty good, anyhow I’ve added a few pieces for starters at very affordable prices and be probably adding more along the way, you can access the shop by following this link.

"Dreamcatcher" 6x6 still life painting

A woven web of dreams intersects our sub-consciousness, some of them leak into our waking consciousness and begin informing it, as they merge, the lines between the two become blurred.

6x6 inches oil on primed panel
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The endless longing

For a place beyond the present one, for a level beyond this one - one's spirit aiming high and flying way above the trees to the endless sky.
4x6 inches oil on primed panel
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"Private call" 4x6 male portrait painting

Remember the times - "ages ago" when we still used a landline to make a phone call?

4x6 inches oil on gessoed panel