Study for "Trapped"


Study for "Trapped" 7" x 5.5" Charcoal on paper,

Auction starts @ 8.30Pm.

I've decided to post one of my drawings here on the blog, since I haven't done that a lot before, it's up for auction with low starting bid.

Instant Bliss


"Instant Bliss" 8" x 11" Pastel on "Canson" Paper,

The moment of realisation, clarity, when everything becomes clear, the unknown becomes known and a higher state of being is achieved.

The Sacred Mountain

"The Sacred Mountain" 12" x 16" Oil on Canvas Panel,

Auction starts @ 8.30Pm.
The world looks so much different when you are on the top of a mountain, everything seems to be less significant, thats why I created this piece with a meditative idea of self discovery and inspired by certain places that give us a piece of mind and new energy into our lives.

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Reclining Male Nude

"Reclining Male Nude" 9" x 12" Oil on Canvas, SOLD

Auction starts @ 9.00Pm.

The Guardian

"The Guardian" 8" x 11" Pastel on "Canson" Paper, Click to on the Image BID

Two in Center

"Two in center" 6" x 6" Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas,

This came out as a dynamic little piece with full rich colors which was my main goal, the composition as you can see does all that movement illusion with the plate on the left and the table angle that adds the perspective.
current art for sale


"Jennifer" 7" x 5" Oil on Canvas panel, Click on the Image for Purchase Info

This piece is from my Portrait painting series, the girl is looking down, a very contemplative pose with an almost profound quality, one of my favourite so far.


Away (reclining female nude) 7" x 5" Oil on Canvas panel, Click on the Image for Purchase Info
Auction starts @ 9.00 Pm

From my Female Nudes series, reclining female nude done with bold brushstrokes and warm colors, I wanted to capture the girl's fleeting mind in a semi dreaming kinda state, struggling with her own thoughts and dreams.