Doorway with sunbeams - Art exterior painting by artist

5" x 7" Oil on panel

I'm always fascinated with these rustic entrances, they seem like they have a soul on their own, I guess the longer the history of the place the more interesting it becomes, for painting especially, the constantly changing light outdoors was also a particularly challenging task when painting a place like this.

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The Seer - Art Old man Male portrait Gallery oil painting on canvas

9" x 12" Oil on canvas
I did this painting some time ago but recently I decided to do a few finishing touch ups (actually more then a few) so there's some heavy and expressive brushwork on it now and it merged quite well with the layer underneath to add more character on the old man's face, I usually try to keep the original spontaneity and freshness when doing changes like this.

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Sake cup with Red plum - Available

5" x 7" Oil on canvas

This is another piece with an oriental feel and a color study, I wanted to get the intense red from the plum and I used a madder deep for the middle tone and a permanent red for the highlights.

Flour Jar - still life art painting a day by artist

6" x 8" Oil on canvas on panel
The delicate transparence of the jar with its tiny luminous details and search for dimension within the canvas were my goal in this painting also I haven't seen flour in a painting before so I decided to do it, painted in alla prima style in daylight.

Chinese Cup with Lemon - still life Art daily painting by the artist

6" x 8" Oil on canvas on panel
When combining objects like this for a still life I go for a certain aroma that's achieved with the colors and the lighting used, in this case it's an oriental feeling that I was going for and the symbiosis created by the interaction of these objects.

Pillows - Art interior painting in oil by California artist

"Pillows" 11" x 14" Oil on canvas

Well, I thought I begin with the first post in the new year with this slightly larger piece that I finished recently, maybe it will decide the direction of my upcoming work, onto a fresh start on the easel in 2009, Happy New Year!