Class Demo - Still Life with a mango and cup

9" x 12" Oil on canvas
This is a quick demo that I did for one of my private classes I teach, when working with the student I try to emphasize the importance of recognizing values properly and color identification.
If you want to purchase this painting its available for $200 + $5 shipping, the painting comes unstretched.
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"Amber sunlit" Original female portrait oil painting a day

6" x 8" Oil on canvas on panel

I started this as a sketch some time ago but never really finished it, so I revised it since it needed more values, occasionally I do this when I spot a piece on my shelf that hasn't been completed.

"Falling asleep" 12x16 Female nude Oil on canvas

12"x16" Oil on canvas
This is a piece that I did recently, it was done in two sessions with the model Ashley, she did a great job holding this pose, even though it may look easy to hold a reclining pose like this, after a couple of hours it can be tiring for the model, also a slight movement of her shoulders or back would pretty much change the whole anatomical structure.
If you are interested in this painting please follow the link here

Here's a shot of both the model and the painting taken around the end of the second session.
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"Kerry" 9x12 Female Portrait painting Oil on canvas by Daniel Peci

9"x12" Oil on canvas
This is a portrait that I did last week so this is the first time I'm posting it on my blog.If you are interested in this painting, email me for price quote.
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Daniel Peci: Featured Artist on EmptyEasel

There's a very nice article about my work on that just came out this morning, the focus is on my drawings and preparatory sketches for my oil paintings, many thanks to Lisa Orgler for reviewing my drawings and providing new insights about my work!
You can read the full article here.

"Arrangement in red, green and blue" Still life with apple, orange and flowers

18" x 24" oil on canvas

I used an old painting primed with a layer of oil paint in this one, I was experimenting with that set background and trying to make use of it, I found out that you can come up with interesting results but didn't like painting over the glassy surface of dried oil and the edges were harder to control so I had to overpaint certain parts since I wasn't getting the needed control that I'm used to, but I think that changing your approach to paint always yields some new insights.
Private collection

"Radiance" 6x8 Female nude daily painting a day on panel

6" x 8" Oil on canvas on panel
This came out to be an interesting color study and I was mainly concerned with shapes, values and color patterns and the way they connect between each other in rhythms, the light envelopes all the shapes in this composition and they influence each other creating reflecting light, so nothing is separate as they're all puzzles in the larger picture.

"Fireman's ridge" 8x10 California Plein air landscape oil painting - Available

8" x 10" Oil on canvas on panel
This is a plein air study that I did yesterday on location in the Brentwood hills, this ridge is around an old fireman's road that's not in use anymore, on the south it overlooks LA and the north is facing the mountains, it was pretty windy painting there so I had to hold my easel at times so it wouldn't go where it shouldn't.

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"Waiting window" 5x7 Female nude daily oil painting a day

5" x 7" Oil on canvas on panel
On this piece I used a Robert Simmons Titanium series brush, I don't usually paint with synthetics but I wanted to try this one out, it's a very resistant brush and can take a lot of beating which is good, on the down side it doesn't take too much paint and it leaves rather thinner strokes, overall it's pretty good but I think I'm gonna stick to more organic choices.

"Reverie" original figurative art female nude painting a day

6" x 8" Oil on canvas panel
The idea behind this piece was to materialize the connection between the female and nature and see it in a more apparent form where the personal identity is dissolved in the vastness of the collective unconscious.

Portrait commission, oil on canvas

11"x14" Oil on canvas
Private collection in London, UK.
The reference that was used for this portrait was a low-res black and white photograph, not a great source for a painting but sometimes that's all you have and when there's a distance involved the opportunity to have the person pose for you is very limited, regardless of that I think it was a good outcome and the essence of the person was captured well.
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