Girl with a red scarf - Female portrait of a girl oil painting - Gallery paintings

4" x 6" Oil on canvas panel

This portrait has a sort of religious quality, maybe its the posture of the figure or the little girl's face looking down that adds to the spiritual theme of the portrait, still I think maybe its just the purity of a child that emanates that religious/spiritual feel that I find very intriguing and challenging in my attempt to translate that on the canvas.

Japanese cup with hydrangea Art painting still life by artist

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6" x 8" Oil on canvas panel

This still life composition was all about color and I was trying to capture all the color variables that drew my attention in the first place, from the warmer tones to the cooler violets, I really like how all these colors relate to each other and connect the whole piece together.

Oriental pair - Painting a day Still Life by the artist

5" x 7" Oil on canvas panel
This still life setup had a certain softness that I wanted to translate on the canvas and it a was a nice combination of greens and the warmer tones of the chinese pot.

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