"405 N/10 W" Los Angeles freeway cityscape oil on canvas

405 n

The flow of traffic on the 405 at 6pm, or more like the congestion on the freeway, before the sun starts to come down, capturing the grittyness of the whole scene.

6×6 oil on canvas
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"405 N/10 W" Los Angeles freeway cityscape oil on canvas

"In bed" female nude in an interior oil painting

nude in bed

Intimist piece, private space, female body illuminated in the night, slightly covering, no words, just images.

5×7 oil on canvas panel
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Portrait of a young man - sidelit oil painting

sidelit male portrait

Here’s a new portrait sketch that’s fresh off the easel, kept it loose with the brushwork and it also came out as a nice color study, the painting is brighter and has even more color when seen in person.

6×8′ oil on canvas paper
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Portrait of a young man - sidelit oil painting

"Granny Smith apple" 6x6 oil on canvas


There’s a quiet synergy at work between the greens of the apple and dark grey/black background resulting in a calm meditative effect, especially with the painted subject being ‘self reflective’.

6×6 oil on gallery wrapped canvas

"Portrait of a young man with a beard" 8x10 oil on panel

A glimpse into the work process, this is the beginning stage where I established the major values on the face, this way I can judge correctly the rest of the shapes and values, its one way to start a painting and every painting is different and so is the start, but I usually adjust the beginning according to the given subject and circumstances.
 8 x 10 inches Oil on gessoed panel

"Early morning" 4x6 Female nude figure original oil painting

Captured the moment of waking up and getting ready for the day ahead and the opportunities it brings.
4 x 6 inches Oil on primed panel

"Katherine" portrait of a young girl 6x6 inches oil on canvas

It's been awhile since my last posting so this is a new portrait I just painted, I'll be posting images of some recent commissions and figurative pieces, stay tuned.
6 x 6 inches Oil on Canvas

Limited Edition Prints by Daniel Peci

"Green room" 
I started doing prints of some of my paintings, going through the selection process of images right now, they will be edition of 20, signed and numbered.

For now I'll be printing them at a standard size of 8.5x11 inches, I might decide to go larger in near future, the quality and color is very true to the originals,

"Antique door"
They are printed on a card stock paper, matte finish, that's how I like them, if you wanna see which prints are currently available via auction please
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Merry Christmas

In the vein of the Christmas season I decided to list a bunch of different sketches, drawings and small oil paintings for sale, they are all listed on a seven day auction with a Really low starting bid, I thought its a good idea to clean out the studio so I can start some new ones in the upcoming year
5x7 inches oil on panel

I hope you are you enjoying the holidays and Merry Christmas from Daniel Peci!

"Red shoes" 6x8 sitting female nude in a room oil painting a day

The body seated yet turning, unrest, thoughts passing through, static yet moving, confined into space, daylight travels across the room, introspective shadows reveal forms...

6 x 8 inches Oil on Canvas

"Nonchalant" 6x6 inches Female portrait girl oil on canvas

If you were following my postings on my other blog A drawing a day, you'll notice that I did a preliminary drawing for this painting, now that doesn't mean that I follow the outlines of the drawing to create the painting, its just to give me a better idea how to visualize the painting before I start, the whole process then unfolds spontaneously and it can go in any direction.
6 x 6 inches Oil on Canvas